“Astrology is a language.
If you understand this language,
the sky speaks to you.”DANE RUDHYAR


Those who leave everything in G-d’s hand, will eventually see G-d’s hand in everything.
At every moment G-d is creating everything for a specific purpose. Our universe and every aspect of our lives are according to His design and no moment is the same. On a physical level we can observe the constant changes of the world in how each season has a different energy and encourages a particular phase of growth and transformation.

On a non-physical level, we can get a glimpse from the teachings of astrology into the way the universe is constantly recreated. Natal astrology is the practice of reading one’s personality and characteristics from the alignment of planets, at the moment one is born. This map, if interpreted correctly, gives us insight into the unique purpose of our lives, our talents, desires, motivations, vocation interests, etc. It also gives us insight into which tools and gifts we are working with, as well as what possible challenges we may face on our journey of personal transformation.

Just as the smallest circumstances of our lives are designed by G-d, so too are the time and place of our birth and all the gifts and challenges of our unique character.

Our main purpose in life is to recognize G-d as the Creator of everything and to come closer to Him. Honoring who we really are and being happy with what G-d has given to us and using it to the best of our ability to refine the world we live in, we connect and come closer to G-d. Astrology is one of the many tools that G-d has given us that can give us insights and understanding into living with consciousness of our Divine mission.
Our prophets in the Torah were chosen by G-d and received “Divine Inspiration” in order to facilitate the Jewish Nation’s spiritual journey. I am not a prophetess. I am a Psychological Astrologer who works on personal transformation and growth.

Why does G-d not want us to do predictions?

When we use Astrology for predictions, we start depending on the planets. They have no power over us. They are working with us by mirroring to us what energies we have to work on. Through understanding our birth charts we receive insight into our personal life’s work. Why are we here? Which energies are we here to transform? How can we better ourselves and serve humanity the best we can?

The hour we were born in effects the energies that maximally promote our growth and transformation. This also applies to a Jewish person.

Whenever something happens to us, good or bad, G-d wants us to connect with Him. He wants us to recognize that it was from Him. And when we perceive something as bad, He wants us to communicate with Him. He wants us to pray to Him. He wants us to ask why and He wants us to grow beyond our perceptions we might have today.

He is the ultimate power Who can change anything at anytime. If G-d wills it, He can give us anything, regardless of our Mazal.

One example from the Torah of how G-d did change Mazal:

As we have learned from Avraham Aveinu & Sarah Immeinu in the Torah, Avraham who was an Astrologer, saw in the stars that their Mazal was not to have a child. G-d then came to him and told him, that He had changed his Mazal and that he and his wife would have a child. (From a commentary by Rashi, Rabbi Shlomo Itzchaki)

One example where G-d did not change the Mazal:

Rabbi Elazar Ben Kadaz was very poor. He one day had to let blood and his wife gave him all she had, a peel of garlic. He fainted. He cried and asked G-d: “How much longer do I have to suffer poverty.” G-d answers: “What do you want from me? Do you want me to turn around the whole order of your Mazal [Planets]?”

(No previous knowledge is required for a first reading.)
Reading of the birth chart: individuals and their personal life, individuals in the process of Shidduchim/finding a partner, couples, career choices, guiding one’s children and families.


Prayer: Prayer is a major tool we use when facing challenges, overcoming limitations and transforming obstacles that may appear in our lives. We will look at specific areas in your life you may want to focus your prayers/visualizations/positive thinking on at this time.

The four body system: Working with the physical body, emotional body, mental body [intellect], and the spiritual body; and; our faith which is above and beyond reason.

Triangle Exercise: Releasing worries and troubles and giving them over to G-d using this “Triangle Visualization” method.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, or also called tapping exercise.

Astro-Drama is for those who have a basic understanding of Astrology. Astro-Drama is a process in which participants role play certain planets. Each planet is a symbol for a particular energy. While role playing, we access the power we have to interfere with and balance behavior that we do not like or that hurts us during our daily interaction with others. Instead of understanding all about one’s birth chart on an intellectual level, one comes to understand it on a “feeling” level.

For couple sessions and group workshops

During an Astro-Drama we choose one persons birth chart and lay it out on the ground for everybody to see. The person whose chart is laid out on the ground will assign his/her planets. The assigned person will then start playing her role/the planet, by expressing any feelings, thoughts, wants, desires, etc., that come up while she is playing the planet.

The idea is not to judge, but to allow each planet/person to express their feelings and to work towards improvement of their respective relationships.

Role reversal is used so one can find out more about oneself. In the end, the person should have a clear picture of his/her needs and should feel changes happening.

When doing couple counseling

The Astro-Drama model is particularly useful when dealing with conflicting energies that come from two different individuals. You don’t have to be like the other person in order to get along, but you need to understand and respect your differences. You will be asked to change roles.


The basic energies of the Zodiac; the energies of the planets with the use of Astro-Drama

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me if a certain person is my “Soul Mate” or“Beshert”?

I cannot tell you whether a certain person is your soul mate. When you bring me your chart and the chart of a possible “significant other,” with G-d’s help I can tell you in which areas you will connect more easily and in which areas there may be challenges. Together we will clarify what is most important to you when choosing a partner and if your potential mate reflects what is most important to you. After that, each couple must work on their relationship – as with everything in life – for it to blossom.

Our chart must not be confused with our Soul (Neshama). Our soul has been created by G-d. The Birth Chart is only a tool showing us the potential expressions our Soul may use during this lifetime.

If you have any questions or if you want to book a reading, please contact me by calling or e-mailing me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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