Thank you Shifra
Shifra helped me to make some very important life decisions. Her intuition and insight were astounding and right to the point. She helped me to see things much more clearly in a new and beneficial way. I would highly recommend Shifra when working through obstacles and difficult experiences in life.
All the best!
Moshe Arazi, Israel
To Whom it May Concern,
I am writing in regards to an Astrological Reading that I received from Shifra Bader. I was referred to her by a very dear friend and I was very pleased with this experience.

I have had a few readings in years past but never anything comparable to this one. It was given on a very deep level with great detail and insight. Not only was it very accurate and precise but she gave many explanations and insights regarding the reading. These were all very helpful to me so that I could fully understand everything that she transcribed.

She helped me to understand my challenges as well as my many attributes, strengths and inherent traits. I now have a keen sense of awareness of my past, present and future endeavors as well. I found her to be very delightful and she never presented in a negative manner that would be detrimental in any way. Her knowledge of the study of Astrology is phenomenal and she was very detailed and complex in a way that was understandable to me.

I benefited on many different levels from this reading and am putting my new personal knowledge into good strategies for living a more wholistic life. I would recommend her skill to anyone.

Most Sincerely,
Cindy Neff, U.S.A.

Thank you Shifra
“The first reading I had with Shifra, was on the phone. She was so precise in gathering information, and so personable, deep and professional. Neither she nor I could see each other physically, but I will never forget how seen I felt. Never before have I felt more understood than that hour she told me about my spirit, my dreams and the path that would make me feel most at peace. She was so informative and precise about how my partner and I were connecting, and what we truly needed from each other. It was a beautiful thing. I often think back to that reading, and her intuition, and spiritual connection to the planets, the stars, God and the universe.
I have called upon Shifra’s wisdom a couple times since that initial reading. Her divine vision has given me so many gifts, and I will be eternally grateful
With love, Ardith P., Canada
I had my chart read by Shifra; the two hours I spent with her were illuminating and inspiring, but most of all confirmed my deepest intuitions.
This is the first reading I have had in over twenty -five years, and only the second ever. Although I trust in the awareness and intuition and special understanding of the exceptionally gifted, I think that such beings are rare; Shifra is one of these special, aware, and connected individuals, who seems to have the gift that so few have chosen to develop.

Shifra has offered me another way to look at my approach to life and my innate tendencies; she has helped me to see more clearly my natural connection to career, my children, and life overall. With Shifra’s help, I was able to see how my doubts and fears have dampened my joy in certain areas of life, as well as promoted my success and happiness in others. She has helped me to understand how my characteristics and person function in various aspects of my life, as well as how I might shift my attention and efforts to achieve a more harmonious outcome. More than anything, through Shifra I have gained the courage to overcome my self-doubt and embark on the mission that I have always dreamed of pursuing,

Since my reading six months ago, I spend more time at the ocean, have found new ways to recharge and reconnect with my soul and innermost being, and I have deepened the love relationships in my life. Conversely, I have ended a relationship that was not fulfilling and continue to look for a more connected and spiritual partnership with tremendous excitement and anticipation.

Anyone who is searching for support and understanding in living a better, more deep and meaningful life, would be greatly encouraged and guided by Shifra’s insights.
Ilona Merli, USA

From Talie K., Israel
In the year 2012 I completed a first level study with Shifra Bader on the subject of basic understanding and conceptualization of Astrology. Shifra was extremely precise and visual in her interpretation of zodiac signs, and succeeded in relaying compelling and insightful classes regarding the nature of each month and their planetary influence. I believe that one of the pinnacles of my experience was gaining such clear recognition of the vast diversity of each sign, as well as their complimentary alignments, so much so that I could almost “feel” their emotional and psychological elements. Her ability to give over these lofty concepts in comprehensive and cohesive manner is certainly praiseworthy. I have all intentions of continuing these studies in the near future.
-Talie Kramer, detox specialist